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OK, what do I get from the start of my membership?


  • a profitable strategy with high reward trades of smart money concepts & Elliott Waves combined (image 1 and 4)

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  • trading updates, no signals

  • video explanation of how I read the market and price action
  • checklist for reversal trades and continuation trades
  • pullback rules
  • weekly video trade recap

  • weekly video outlook 

  • Notion tradeplan template for your own tradeplan

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There are no chats with other traders as I've experienced that's very distractive and can cause FOMO.


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  • Bonus #1: Notion end of day markups template

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Why should I subscribe for your VIP Discord?

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In the beginning I only lost money and made all the (emotional) beginner's mistakes.

But after years of perseverance and self discipline I became a little better and I started making profit.

From my 8+ years of experience I've made a unique, profitable strategy based on smart money concepts (supply and demand) and Elliott wave analysis.

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This is not a basics course or signal service and I would advise knowledge of smart money concepts/ supply and demand and Elliott wave is needed before joining.


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