Notion Trade mate

€ 59,95

Bring your trading to the next level with Trade mate

Trade mate is a Notion system that helps you with journaling your forecasts, live trades and markups.

What's included?

  • Ticker, Clocks Exchanges & Economic news (image 1)

  • All-in-one Trade Journal (image 3) with:

  • Live trade journal in calender (image 4)

  • Account balance automatically (after linking the journaled trade in P/L calender)

  • Net P/L automatically

  • ROI automatically

  • Total trades count automatically

  • Total trades won count automatically

  • Strike rate automatically

  • Weekly P/L automatically

  • Monthly P/L automatically

  • Winning and losing trades automatically

  • All-in-one Trade dashboard (image 5) with:

  • Forecast before and after

  • End of day (EOD) markups to collect data on all trades (image 6)

  • End of day (EOD) markups archive (image 7)

  • Easy to use navigation bar to get to each destination
  • Sleek minimal design easy on the eye

  • # Bonus: Psychology check, mindset motivation and risk & trademanagement rules in forecast



How does this work? After purchase, you'll receive a link to duplicate the Trade mate template into your Notion.

Is this really worth 59,95 EUR? Simply put yes, by investing just 59,95 EUR, you can access this incredible template. You'll have instant access to an organised way of trading and a way to actually track your performance to see where you can improve. This will normally takes countless time-consuming hours to build from scratch.

Become a consistent and profitable trader with Trade mate.